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I obtained my first Keeshond in 1992. I was looking for a Shetland Sheepdog at the time, however, the moment I laid my eyes on a Keeshond puppy for the first time I was forever impassioned by this breed. In 1992, puppies were still being sold largely in pet stores, yet I knew that I should find a reputable and responsible breeder through the area kennel club. 

I contacted the Grand Rapids Kennel Club and was referred to a breeder of Keeshond in Grand Rapids and as luck would have it there were several puppies available. This was really fortunate timing since Keeshonden puppies are not as available as the more commonly known breeds. 

I contacted, Viki, the breeder, and made an appointment to come and see the puppies. What a sight to be hold! These little balls of fur that were just 6 weeks old were as precious as anything I had ever seen! It would be 4 more weeks at least before they could be placed in their new "forever homes". In that four weeks I purchased puppy toys, a crate, grooming brushes, puppy food, pet food dishes...the works! I located a veterinarian, read everything I could get my hands on about Keeshonden and prepared to make a very comfortable "puppy safe" home for my new companion. After all, it would be just her and I living in my apartment.

I picked up "Cassie" in the beginning of July of 1992, she had been whelped on April 18, 1992. The name didn't seem to suit her so within a few short days, as a result of her hopping in the tall grass, her name became "Kricket". She was my constant companion and I even took her with me on my road trips back home to Iowa from Michigan. She loved to ride in the car and she attracted more attention than I could ever imagine. Horns would honk as we drove down the highway, children would wave and smile. Kricket loved the attention and I was very proud of her. 

In October of 1992 I began dating the man that later became my husband. Kricket adored him but true to the nature of the Keeshond, I was still her "human". A Keeshond chooses it's person unlike any other breed of dog I've ever had the pleasure or experience to own. It's an incredible bond, one that words cannot completely express. 

Throughout the years we created many memories together. In 1996, my 12 year old son and I were reunited and Kricket accepted him with open paws. They spent hours playing and napping together. We were all a family now and Kricket had it all - a wonderful home and a family that loved her and provided all that she could possibly want or need. 

Those were great times and Kricket was definitely "my heart dog". She felt every emotion that I felt and was always there to comfort me. In May of 2007, at the age of 15+, Kricket went to the Rainbow Bridge. I was there with her and so was my husband. It was the least we could do...she had always been there for us in our times of sorrow. She offered unconditional love.

The house was so quiet. It's amazing how just a dog breathing changes the dynamics of a home. I couldn't stand the silence. I wrestled with my guilt of bringing another dog into our home so quickly. I didn't want to even think about attempting to replace Kricket. That just wasn't possible. 


As the hours turned to days and the days turned into weeks, just three to be exact, I could take no more of the silence. I got on the computer and began to search for Keeshond breeders in Michigan. I contacted a breeder that had a male available. The last of the litter and he was destined to be a show dog. That was the stipulation - the dog must be shown. And so began my love of the sport of showing dogs. 

Jiminy, our newest family member, was named in honor of Kricket. It seemed only proper and appropriate. I would never forget Kricket and Jiminy was not a replacement of her memory. Jiminy and I would create new memories in this world of show dogs.....and we did! Jiminy became a UKC Grand Champion and received his Canine Good Citizen certification. We went through the therapy dog program together. He's by far the smartest dog I've ever owned. He's also quite comical and loves chicken more than one can even imagine. Seriously! 

Jiminy was born on April 30, 2007 and I am so proud of all that we have accomplished together. He brightens each and everyday with his morning greetings...Keeshond can almost say words, I swear! 


On May 18, 2008 Venus was whelped and she joined our family at the beginning of August that same year. Alas, another female in the family, I'm no longer outnumbered by the male gender in the household! Full of spunk and yet gentle and obedient, Venus is driven. She loves to play ball, catch frisbee and run the agility course. She is as fast as lightening and has more energy than you can even imagine! 

Venus is the epitome of what Keeshond were bred for. To alert to strangers, protect children - she will stop dead in her tracks to watch a child in the midst. She walks the perimeter of the yard and alerts us to anything out of place or of strangers in the area. If I so much as put a new flower pot out in the flower bed, she notices. She never misses a thing. It's truly amazing. 

Venus is a UKC Champion and we have gone through the therapy dog program together. She is amazing when doing therapy dog work, as gentle as she can be, amazing for the energy level that she has. 

Fostering Keeshonden

We've had the great pleasure of fostering several Keeshonden in our home as well. Those memories are preserved on our "More Kees" page of this blog. We hope you enjoy learning more about this amazing breed.